Step 2 Wax Wraps


Wax is inert and does not degrade over time, therefore making Step 2 Wax Wraps ideal for corrosion protection. Step 2 Wax Wraps are petroleum based compounds impregnated into a non-woven synthetic carrier that provides long term corrosion protection to aboveground and belowground metal structures. A major advantage of Step 2 Wax Wraps is their ease of application along with their pliability in cold weather. Step 2 Wax Wraps require minimal surface preparation to the metal structure, making it easier for customers to achieve maximum performance from the wax wraps. Even after being applied, Step 2 Wax Wraps can be repositioned.

Step 2 Belowground Wax Wrap is designed to protect belowground metal structures such as pipes, fittings, and flanges from damage caused by corrosion. Step 2 Belowground Wax Wrap has exceptional dielectric strength making it compatible with cathodic protection.

Download Step 2 Belowground Wax Wrap Data Sheet (pdf)

Step 2 Mold Guard (Aboveground) is designed to protect aboveground metal structures. This wrap is specifically formulated to inhibit the growth of mold into the wrap making it suitable for wet and humid environments. Step 2 Mold Guard is in effect odorless; vapor free and non-toxic making it ideal for vaults, tunnels, and confined space applications.

Download Step 2 Mold Guard (Aboveground) Data Sheet (pdf)