Step 3 Outer Guards


The third step in SCC’s Wax Wrap System is strictly mechanical protection for the Prime Guard and Wax Wraps. In any environment there are conditions that may damage the wax wrap system such as abrasion, soil stress, frost heave, and mechanical damage. SCC Step 3 Outer Guards act as a hard cast, providing the protection and added mechanical strength needed to keep the wrap intact and conformed to the metal structure, allowing the wrap to perform to its fullest potential.

SCC Step 3 HD Outer Guard is an ideal protective wrap when damaging environmental conditions are elevated. Step 3 HD Outer Guard is a two part thermal set resin impregnated into a Heavy Duty synthetic carrier that sets to a hard cast using the heat provided by its chemical reaction. Step 3 HD Outer Guard provides excellent protection to coatings and field weld areas with directional boring.

Download STEP 3 HD Outer Guard Data Sheet (pdf)